Baht Gold Price in China

Gold price update Time: 22-JUL-2024 11:54:02 (GMT Time)

Karats of Baht Gold Price in CNY Price in USD
24K Gold8550$1175
22K Gold7838$1078
18K Gold6413$881.6
14K Gold4988$685.7
10K Gold3563$489.8
8K Gold2850$391.8
5K Gold1781$244.9

Current Gold Price Per Baht in China

Price per Baht: 8550
Bid Price: 8553
Ask Price: 8554
Today Low: 8549
Today High: 8598

Information about Baht Gold

1 Baht: 0.49000 Troy Ounce
1 Baht: 15.24072 Grams

CNY Currency Rates

1 USD: 7.274 CNY
1 CNY: $0.13748 USD

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Last 30 Day's Gold Rates

Date 24K/Baht
21-JUL-2024 8,545.1 CNY
20-JUL-2024 8,545.1 CNY
19-JUL-2024 8,544.2 CNY
18-JUL-2024 8,691.8 CNY
17-JUL-2024 8,751.9 CNY
16-JUL-2024 8,773.5 CNY
15-JUL-2024 8,614.2 CNY
14-JUL-2024 8,566.0 CNY
13-JUL-2024 8,566.0 CNY
12-JUL-2024 8,576.6 CNY
11-JUL-2024 8,593.5 CNY
10-JUL-2024 8,453.5 CNY
09-JUL-2024 8,429.1 CNY
08-JUL-2024 8,396.4 CNY
07-JUL-2024 8,518.5 CNY
06-JUL-2024 8,518.5 CNY
05-JUL-2024 8,520.9 CNY
04-JUL-2024 8,394.4 CNY
03-JUL-2024 8,394.5 CNY
02-JUL-2024 8,297.7 CNY
01-JUL-2024 8,297.9 CNY
30-JUN-2024 8,280.7 CNY
29-JUN-2024 8,280.7 CNY
28-JUN-2024 8,280.8 CNY
27-JUN-2024 8,287.4 CNY
26-JUN-2024 8,178.2 CNY
25-JUN-2024 8,255.4 CNY
24-JUN-2024 8,297.7 CNY
23-JUN-2024 8,259.7 CNY
22-JUN-2024 8,259.7 CNY

Last 30 Day's Currency Rates

Date 1 USD =
21-JUL-2024 7.27 CNY
20-JUL-2024 7.27 CNY
19-JUL-2024 7.27 CNY
18-JUL-2024 7.261 CNY
17-JUL-2024 7.261 CNY
16-JUL-2024 7.262 CNY
15-JUL-2024 7.26 CNY
14-JUL-2024 7.25 CNY
13-JUL-2024 7.25 CNY
12-JUL-2024 7.25 CNY
11-JUL-2024 7.258 CNY
10-JUL-2024 7.276 CNY
09-JUL-2024 7.273 CNY
08-JUL-2024 7.268 CNY
07-JUL-2024 7.269 CNY
06-JUL-2024 7.269 CNY
05-JUL-2024 7.268 CNY
04-JUL-2024 7.268 CNY
03-JUL-2024 7.271 CNY
02-JUL-2024 7.271 CNY
01-JUL-2024 7.268 CNY
30-JUN-2024 7.267 CNY
29-JUN-2024 7.267 CNY
28-JUN-2024 7.268 CNY
27-JUN-2024 7.269 CNY
26-JUN-2024 7.265 CNY
25-JUN-2024 7.263 CNY
24-JUN-2024 7.259 CNY
23-JUN-2024 7.261 CNY
22-JUN-2024 7.261 CNY

Different Units of Gold in CNY

Quantity 22K Gold Price 24K Gold Price
1 Baht 7,837.9 8,550.5
5 Bahts 39,189.6 42,752.3
10 Bahts 78,379.3 85,504.6
20 Bahts 156,758.5 171,009.3
50 Bahts 391,896.3 427,523.2
100 Bahts 783,792.5 855,046.4

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