Tael Gold Price in Venezuela

Gold price update Time: 22-JUL-2024 11:54:02 (GMT Time)

Karats of Tael Gold Price in VEF Price in USD
24K Gold724529995$2916
22K Gold664152495$2673
18K Gold543397496$2187
14K Gold422642497$1701
10K Gold301887498$1215
8K Gold241509998$971.9
5K Gold150943749$607.4

Current Gold Price Per Hongkong's Tael in Venezuela

Price per Hongkong's Tael: 724529995
Bid Price: 724634170
Ask Price: 724727801
Today Low: 724311061
Today High: 728502582

Information about Hongkong's Tael Gold

1 Hongkong's Tael: 1.21528 Troy Ounce
1 Hongkong's Tael: 37.79946 Grams

VEF Currency Rates

1 USD: 248488 VEF

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Last 30 Day's Gold Rates

Date 24K/Hongkong's Tael
21-JUL-2024 724,382,489.0 VEF
20-JUL-2024 724,382,489.0 VEF
19-JUL-2024 724,314,587.2 VEF
18-JUL-2024 737,773,874.6 VEF
17-JUL-2024 742,821,457.5 VEF
16-JUL-2024 744,592,653.1 VEF
15-JUL-2024 731,254,129.1 VEF
14-JUL-2024 728,115,019.7 VEF
13-JUL-2024 728,115,019.7 VEF
12-JUL-2024 729,016,394.8 VEF
11-JUL-2024 729,697,329.0 VEF
10-JUL-2024 716,020,549.7 VEF
09-JUL-2024 714,293,294.9 VEF
08-JUL-2024 711,958,979.4 VEF
07-JUL-2024 722,244,432.4 VEF
06-JUL-2024 722,244,432.4 VEF
05-JUL-2024 722,486,032.8 VEF
04-JUL-2024 711,792,800.8 VEF
03-JUL-2024 711,543,754.1 VEF
02-JUL-2024 703,325,212.1 VEF
01-JUL-2024 703,603,159.4 VEF
30-JUN-2024 702,230,600.8 VEF
29-JUN-2024 702,230,600.8 VEF
28-JUN-2024 702,198,824.9 VEF
27-JUN-2024 702,626,215.0 VEF
26-JUN-2024 693,759,989.3 VEF
25-JUN-2024 700,504,746.8 VEF
24-JUN-2024 704,481,827.0 VEF
23-JUN-2024 701,028,644.4 VEF
22-JUN-2024 701,028,644.4 VEF

Last 30 Day's Currency Rates

Date 1 USD =
21-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
20-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
19-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
18-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
17-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
16-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
15-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
14-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
13-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
12-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
11-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
10-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
09-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
08-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
07-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
06-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
05-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
04-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
03-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
02-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
01-JUL-2024 248487.641 VEF
30-JUN-2024 248487.641 VEF
29-JUN-2024 248487.641 VEF
28-JUN-2024 248487.641 VEF
27-JUN-2024 248487.641 VEF
26-JUN-2024 248487.641 VEF
25-JUN-2024 248487.641 VEF
24-JUN-2024 248487.641 VEF
23-JUN-2024 248487.641 VEF
22-JUN-2024 248487.641 VEF

Different Units of Gold in VEF

Quantity 22K Gold Price 24K Gold Price
1 Hongkong's Tael 664,152,495.6 724,529,995.2
5 Hongkong's Taels 3,320,762,477.8 3,622,649,975.8
10 Hongkong's Taels 6,641,524,955.6 7,245,299,951.5
20 Hongkong's Taels 13,283,049,911.1 14,490,599,903.0
50 Hongkong's Taels 33,207,624,777.8 36,226,499,757.6
100 Hongkong's Taels 66,415,249,555.5 72,452,999,515.1

The gold price updated on 22-JUL-2024 11:54:02 (GMT Time)

The currency (VEF rate) information updated on 04-JAN-2021 19:05 (GMT Time)

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