1 Gram = 1,780.66 THB


Today Gold Rate in Thailand per Gram

Current Price: 1,780.7 THB
Today Low Price: 1,778.61 THB
Today High Price: 1,785.82 THB
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Information about Gram Gold

1 Gram 0.03210 Oz
1 USD: 30.1508 THB

Last 30 Days Gram Gold Rate

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Current Gold Rates in Thailand

Gold Unit Gold Price in Thai Baht
1 Gram 24K 1,780.7 THB
1 Gram 23K 1,706.5 THB
1 Gram 22K 1,632.3 THB
1 Gram 21K 1,558.1 THB
1 Gram 18K 1,335.5 THB
1 Gram 16K1,187.1 THB
1 Gram 14K1,038.7 THB
1 Gram 10K 741.9 THB
1 Gram 9K 667.7 THB

What is Forecast of Gold Price per Gram in Thai Baht?

The following technical analysis is based on the last 30 days gold price.

MINIMUM : 1,727.0 THB
Date: 30-NOV-2020

MAXIMUM : 1,924.6 THB
Date: 05-NOV-2020

AVERAGE : 1,813.6 THB
Current : 1,780.7 THB
Moving Average: 1,750.5 THB


Now, the gold rate is 1,780.7 THB per Gram, and it is an opportunity to buy gold because the current gold price is above the moving average of the last four days (e.g., 1,750.5 THB). Therefore, it is expected that the gold price might rise as per the above technical analysis. Moreover, the minimum gold rate recorded on date 30-NOV-2020 was 1,727.0 THB. In comparison, the maximum recorded gold rate was 1,924.6 THB, and it was observed on 05-NOV-2020. Before following the above advice, read the disclaimer.

What is 1 Gram Gold Price in Thailand?

Today 1 Gram Gold Price in Thailand is 1,780.7 THB.

Today Gold Rate in Thailand

Weights 24K 22K
1 Gram 1,780.7 1,632.3
5 Gram 8,903.3 8,161.3
10 Gram 17,806.6 16,322.7
20 Gram 35,613.1 32,645.4
40 Gram 71,226.3 65,290.8
50 Gram 89,032.9 81,613.5
100 Gram 178,065.7 163,226.9

Yesterday Gold Rate in Thailand

Weights 24K 22K
1 Gram 1,781.3 1,632.9
5 Gram 8,906.5 8,164.3
10 Gram 17,813.0 16,328.6
20 Gram 35,626.0 32,657.2
40 Gram 71,252.0 65,314.3
50 Gram 89,065.0 81,642.9
100 Gram 178,130.0 163,285.8

What is Gold Rate in Thailand today per Gram?

Today gold rate in Thailand is 1,780.5 Baht (THB) per Gram. The spot gold price per Gram is provided in Bangkok time. In the country, Bangkok is one of the leading gold markets. Moreover, this page is about the Gram unit of gold, which is a standard unit of measurement of precious metals. The Gold Coins, Bars, and Jewellery (e.g., Chains, Bracelet, Necklace, Bangles, Dresses) are measured using that unit. The gold price in Thai Baht is being updated with an interval of a minute.

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